Drama Rec: Why You Need Go Go Waikiki In Your Drama List

Annyeong K-drama fanatics! What are you watching these days? What’s on your K-drama must-watch list? If you haven’t decided on anything yet, check out Go Go Waikiki! Ever since this drama started airing, it’s created quite a buzz and with good reason. With a light-hearted plot that’s sure to give you loads of laughs and some giggles and major feels, here’s why you should give Go Go Waikiki a go:


  1. It’s extremely hilarious – sure there are k-dramas that make you laugh here and there, but Go Go Waikiki is on another level, you’ll be laughing all the way until your belly aches. Sometimes it gets a bit gross, but it’s all good fun. Funny scenes are not contrived and forced either, so it’s uplifting to watch. The cast delivers punch line after punch line smoothly like they’re born comedians!
  2. Watch it for Sol-ah – the drama’s real star! – Go Go Waikiki has talented actors, but no one beats Sol-ah for the Best Actor Award. Cute, adorable, squishy, and so endearing, you can’t help but fall in love with this ball of sunshine. She doesn’t even need lines to move audiences, you simply look at her and you’re sold. IMO, she’s the scene stealer!
  3. The cast has great chemistry! – Kim Jung-Hyun, Lee Yi-Kyung, and Sohn Seung-Won are good actors, and cast together, they display great chemistry. Throw in Go Won-Hee, Jung In-Sun and Lee Joo-Woo into the mix and baby Sol-ah to complete it, and you have the perfect cast! They shine individually, but even if you put them altogether in one scene, they don’t overlap or outshine, rather they complement each other.
  4. The characters are relatable – Each of the characters in Go Go Waikiki has their own struggles, but when it comes right down to it, you identify yourself with them. From fears, misgivings to insecurities, they’re just a bunch of ordinary people sans the clichéd dark or complicated past. How many times have you tried to set goals for yourself, but seem to fall short of it? Whether you dream big, start small like Joon-Ki (Lee Yi-Kyung), settle for compromises while waiting for the opportunity to achieve your dream like Doo-Shik (Sohn Seung-Won), forge ahead despite several stumbles like Dong-Gu (Kim Jung-Hyun) or even struggle with a physical flaw, aka a mustache, like Seo-Jin (Go Won-Hee), there’s a connection that is applicable to almost anyone.
  5. Lessons learned along the way – take away all the laughter, the riot, and the feel-good vibes, and this K-drama teaches you a thing or two about love, family, and friendship. That friends are family, of learning to accept yourself for who you are, trusting despite circumstances, and realizing love when it hits you right in the face – these are just some of the things you’ll understand with Go Go Waikiki.

This K-drama is extended to four more episodes with a specials to boot, and it’s rightly deserved. If you’re out to enjoy yourself without having to overthink about how each episode progresses or how characters will deal with complications, Go Go Waikiki is highly recommended!

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