5 Things To Love About Rocker Jung Joon-Young

Seriously, who doesn’t know this guy? With his husky voice, handsome physique and on-point guitar skills – it’s impossible to not notice him! Yes, he is the total package but he is so much more and we can’t even explain it in words.

If you’re excited as we are, here are 10 things to love about our handsome Oppa of the Week, the ever goofy, rocker Jung Joon-Young!

1.He’s one of the most musically talented singers out there

JJY isn’t your typical singer, he has the angst and vibe that makes you want to sing            along with him. With his powerful vocals and sexy gazes, I doubt you’ll  be able to sleep after watching one of his concerts (haha)! There’s more, he writes his own songs, produces and arranges his albums, plays all sorts of instruments and contributes creative ideas for his MVs!


2. He can do everything!

And we mean everything – he’s the versatility king! There’s nothing that JJY can’t do, his skills are just daebak – he can sing, do comedy, cook, power blog, plan fun trips, play different instruments and dance (uhm…maybe so-so lol)! As if all these weren’t enough, he even got himself into a pro-gaming team just recently. Oh, Casablanca we are just in awe of you!


3. He’s down right funny without even trying

Who doesn’t love a funny guy? We all do! Well, guess what? JJY is just that and he doesn’t even try. His out-of-the-blue naive and innocent comments can crack you up. He might be a serious rocker on stage, but when he steps down, his quirky moves and over the top weirdness will definitely make you laugh non-stop!


4. He is super honest

One thing we absolutely love about Jung Joon Young is his extreme honesty! He doesn’t candy coat, he is in no way reserved and just spurts out anything he wants. There’s no filter whatsoever, he’s all about being real and candid – a rarity we see in the industry. We love Heechul too for the same reason!  JJY is definitely a rebel without a clue!


5. He is smart as hell

We swear by this! He speaks five different languages, is good with quizzes, a master of directions, has ultra sharp memory and so clever and witty that no one can beat him in game shows and mind games. What’s even surprising? He didn’t like school at all and was a lazy student. Impressive!


Don’t you just love Jung Joon-Young? If you can’t get enough of him, watch 2 days and 1 nights every Sunday on KBS at 10 pm KST. Don’t forget to get your hands on his new solo single album which is going to be released at the end of this month (March 29)! Fighting Oppa!

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2 thoughts on “5 Things To Love About Rocker Jung Joon-Young

  1. Baguio Soju Princess May 3, 2018 — 8:36 am

    Hey there, fellow JJY addict! 🙂


    1. Hey there Soju Princess, don’t forget to share!


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